Women Who Dare To Dream in Greater Atlanta

Written by  Ebony Rogers - Greater Atlanta Church of Christ Monday, 22 October 2012 22:00
 Watch a video and read a report from our sisters in Greater Atlanta Church of Christ! They had an amazing Women's Day the last month!

If I could describe Women’s Day 2012 in one word, it would be life-changing! From the moment I walked into the Buckhead Theatre until the moment I left, I couldn’t help but feel the excitement buzzing in the fellowship!  For those moments, I was surrounded by such amazingly beautiful women of God.  Women who wanted to take their relationships with God to the next level. Women who wanted to see their dreams become a reality.  Women who wanted to glorify God. Yes, I was surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, and it was the perfect way for me to reconnect with the very dreams I once had.

For weeks, I waited for this day! When I first heard that Women’s Day 2012 would have the theme Women Who Dare to Dream, I was overwhelmed with joy because I knew my heart, mind and soul all needed the encouragement that I was certain only this day could offer.  And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.  Hundreds of women poured into the theatre, many who lived right in the heart of Atlanta and some who traveled from all around the southeastern United States.Why? Because God created this moment for us!  He gave us this time to be rejuvenated! He gave us this opportunity to experience Him in ways like never before! And we embraced it.  We sat in absolute awe of the Creator.  We cherished the lessons that would soon be learned.

As I looked around, I was blown away by the tremendous amount of talent in just one room. The scriptures truly came to life as we watched women act, sing, and dance for God. We were inspired by videos of women who shared stories about their lives and who now have their own dreams for our Father. And let’s not forget the lessons that were taught by women that surrendered their dreams to God, were obedient to His will, and who are now living out the very things they once envisioned.  They reminded us that we must protect our dreams!  Through disappointments, hardships, and the worries of life, we must hold on to the seeds that God planted in our hearts at birth.  We were encouraged to not lose heart.  In the midst of “light and momentary troubles [which] are achieving for us an eternal glory”, we were encouraged to “fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal”. We were reminded that God has a purpose for each of our lives, that God has made a special promise, specific to each of us, and that God has an amazing plan for us, one that will allow us to grow in Him as we seek Him with all of our hearts. Kara Ramos took that message to heart and decided to get baptized!

Before we left, many of us were able to see God resurrect some of our dreams from the dead. For others, they were able to watch Him piece together those that were once broken.  And for those of us who never took the time to dream, we were given the inspiration to do so.  I am confident that no one left Women’s Day the same.  In our own way, we became different. We found the courage we needed to live out our dreams passionately!Now, people everywhere will look at our lives and know that there is a God!

From the Greater Atlanta Church of Christ Website

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