Dear Lydia: Response to "Mother in Need"

Written by  "Dear Lydia" Wednesday, 30 January 2013 11:01

Dear Readers,

The following letter to Dear Lydia is a response to a letter published in April 2009.

Dear Lydia,

My son was diagnosed with autism two years ago. Over the past two years I have cried many tears.

My son is now four and a half years old and we have come to understand him much better than we did two years ago. We also have hope for him, and although we do not know what quality of life he will be able to have we believe that he will be a gentle, loving person.

Before he was born I prayed to God for a son with strong character. We therefore gave him the name “Conrad” that means strong character. I did not realize until recently that God had answered my prayer.

Autistic children can develop into adults who have strong characters. My son’s love is sincere and without pretense.

Daily, my son has a very hard time if his physical needs (such as hunger and thirst) are not met. Since he does not yet communicate verbally, he can become “difficult” when trying to convey his needs. This may involve hurting himself or my daughters. This is very difficult to live with. However, on other days things may be “fine,” and we are amazed at how loving our children are with each other. On these days, the difficulties of the past are easily forgotten.

I love my son deeply from the heart and I love him for who he is.


Dear George,

Thank you for sharing about Conrad and the maturing of your faith. You are clearly a Dad who has taken time to know his son. In my earlier response to “Mother in Need,” I encouraged her to become educated in her child’s particular special need. The advocacy required from you for your son teaches us many practical lessons about the dedication required in helping each other to reach maturity in Christ.

The congregation in which I am a member has recently begun developing supportive activities for our families with “special needs” children. Two moms have started a support group that meets once a month. The sisters recruit community specialists to speak and to do hands-on training for parents. It is open to the public and has been a great source of education for many, as well as an outreach to our neighbors. Another sister is using her education and personal experience to train “pals” for our Kingdom Kids who need assistance in class. Members who are doing their part to build up the body of Christ are propelling these special efforts. God has work for each individual if we only open our eyes. (Ephesians 4:16)

Thanks, George, for your letter. I am encouraged!

Grace and peace to all,


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