"God, Women and Sexuality" -- Los Angeles Women’s Event

Written by  Jacqueline Morici -- Los Angeles, CA, USA Tuesday, 08 August 2017 00:00

god women sexuality eventOn June 25, "God, Women and Sexuality" was the title and topic of our Coastal Los Angeles regional women's service with Dr. Jennifer Konzen as guest speaker. I am not sure I can do justice to just how impacting this workshop was to all who attended.

Our increasingly sexually liberal, "everything goes" society along with our media have waged a war and launched a campaign to win the minds and hearts of our youth and women in general. Many women of all ages and life stages struggle with even the idea of sex, with their sexual identity, or with either not enjoying sex or wishing they had better intimacy with their husband. Others have been sexually intimate in ways that were harmful and exploitative or have just been very naïve, romanticizing the act of sex à la Hollywood.

It often seems like the goal is to confuse, shame and belittle any who have a more conservative approach to sexuality. Those with biblical beliefs have been called bigots or narrow minded, intolerant prudes. Our basic beliefs about our sexuality, how we should feel about and view our sexuality, and most importantly how God views us, are challenged on a daily basis. As true followers of Jesus we must not shy away from these real threats and the questions or feelings aroused by the topic of sex.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Dr. Jennifer Konzen for teaching more than 500 women of the Coastal LA Region during our "God, Women and Sexuality" workshop. Dr. Konzen spoke with such biblical wisdom and grace that I found myself caught up in the wonder of God's amazing love for us and his design and plan to express his love so intimately and vulnerably. But we weren't just taught about the physiology of sex; we were also lead carefully through the scriptures. The scriptures are clear about how we have a father who wants a deep connection with us, so much so that he designed our sexuality as a way to know him more fully.

As advertised, this workshop wasn't just another talk about our purity. It was educational, humorous, vulnerable, bonding, inspirational and challenging. Dr. Konzen emphasized the idea of our sexuality being something to honor and treasure; something of incredible worth and value. She reminded us that we are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made and that we were created for intimate connection. This was an A+ message, worth every minute, so much so that she left people wanting more! Because of the overwhelming request we received to have her back, we are eagerly looking forward to scheduling her for a regional teen, campus and single's event in early 2018. And for an added treat, Jennifer and her husband Tim will be speaking at our upcoming regional marriage retreat!

Jennifer and Tim are disciples in the San Diego church where they shepherd in the married and youth and family ministries. Jennifer is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a sex therapist. You can watch a recording of this workshop at theartofintimatemarriage.com and you can purchase the book by Tim and Jennifer, Redeemed Sexuality, on Amazon.

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