South Asian Leadership Conference Held in Mumbai

Saturday, 06 February 2010 07:22

The 2010 South Asian Leadership Conference for the International Churches of Christ was hosted January 28-30 in Mumbai, the Bollywood city, the city that never sleeps. Around 200 delegates from 3 countries (India, Nepal and Bangladesh) joined the event which was titled He Who Overcomes. It was great to have leaders from US and London as guest speakers.

The whole conference was revolving around the seven Churches of Asia in the book of Revelation. Powerful messages were preached which touched the hearts of all the participants. The titles include, 'Overcoming Conceit', 'Overcoming Compromise', 'Overcoming Compacency' and 'Only Commendation' apart from other practical classes like 'powerful preaching', 'converting Kingdom Kids'...... Please click here to hear some of the messages preached at SALC. A Bible Quiz on the book of Revelation was also conducted.

The delegates enjoyed the fellowship with one another and shared great moments with themselves. Every region in South Asia came out with an inspiring audio visual presentation of the great things God has done in their regions. Also they rocked the crowd with wonderful cultural activity. Please click here to see one of the rocking dance.

Thank you for all your prayers for South Asia.

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