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Saturday, 24 October 2009 10:01

Here is the lateset from the Indian News Network

...good news gives health to the bones

KLC (Karnataka Leadership Conference) titled ' upside down' was such an inspiration. Totally 240 leaders attended the conference which includes leaders from Hyderabad also. All the leaders present were filled with so much of Zeal N Zest. The fellowship, teaching, D groups, quiz, movie, games, food and thought provoking cultural called everyone higher.

Just to brief about some of the things that that were taught in the retreat:

  • How to live self-controlled and pure lives.
  • Contribution is not to be given as charity but out of deep reverence towards God.
  • Needs of the kingdom are met only by the citizens of the kingdom.
  • Jesus is my hero and He deserves perfect hero worship. Every family group should function like a Jesus fan club association and make all efforts to promote Jesus to others.
  • Preach the real Christ, not the compromised version of Christ.
  • To build a godly church every individual should pursue godliness.
    Story of Sagay

    Sagay is a great brother in the Bangalore Church. His sister Shalini got baptized last year. But what is really amazing was his dad got baptized a month back. Also he and his wife Joy both were reappointed as leaders.

    The following is his testimony about his Dad's baptism. My Dads Baptism is like unrolling a scroll with great news at the appropriate time which was already predestined by God. It is his life turning towards His truth and values of life which now continues.... It is the glorious display of His immense grace, love and perseverance through Christ and his servants. A long desired dream is witnessed. This particular act is also my revival and display of God's overwhelming love for me. It calls me higher without any compulsion. God's attitude towards me and my family is very convicting and inspirational. I am sure God worked through many serving hands. I want to thank the disciples in the Church. Glory be to God. For more see our website: posted by Jerry Maday

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