News Update and Prayer Request from India

Wednesday, 07 March 2012 23:30

Aiswarya is a 4 year old girl who has seen her mother's faith. Her dad, Kathiresan, passed away 2 years back because of brain tumor. But before his death Kathiresan got baptized as a disciple.

Aiswarya's mom, Thangamani was under tremendous pressure from her family after her husband passed away. Almost for a year she could not attend the church because of this pressure. But the sisters from the church kept on persevering with her, giving her faith. Finally she started coming to church. She regained her zeal for God. She travels a long distance along with her daughter & comes to church regularly.

Her daughter Aiswarya saw her mother's faith and started trusting in God. When the whole church fasted for 40 days on different things for mighty miracles to happen, she also decided to fast from chips, which is her favorite snack. Her reason for fasting was for her grandmother to come to church. Grand mother used to make garlands for the nearby temple, all her life. After the fasting finished her grandmother came to church and started studying the Bible. Please pray for Aiswaryas grand mother to accept Jesus as Lord. To pray for additional needs, see the Bangalore web-site>>>

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