South Asia Leadership Conference Report

Tuesday, 17 February 2009 04:27

The Power Of One was the theme of the 2009 South Asian Leadership Conference (SALC) hosted in Bangalore, India.

The SALC is a yearly event which gives opportunity for all the staff and church leadership from all South Asian countries to meet together, fellowship, renew relationships and be inspired by the faith. Great news from each city is shared.

All the staff from South Asia were in a great spirit as we are all praying and desiring to see God doing a miracle of adding 1000 souls in 2009.

It was so wonderful to have great leaders from US, London and Australia to be present at the SALC and for their incredible insightful messages that touched the hearts of all the participants. The call of the hour was to turn to God and do the impossible.

In 2008, God planted churches in Pakistan and added 493 new Christians to the Indian Churches!

For more information on the churches in India:

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