India: from Violence to Baptism - One Atheist's Story

Tuesday, 10 February 2009 19:03

Selvi got baptised in Trichy Church eight years back. Her brother Ravi persecuted her and even beaten her up to the point of death. Ravi grew up in his life as an athiest, not believing in God and protesting and preaching against people who worship God. Once when Ravi slapped Selvi seven years back, she fell down almost dead. As she was falling she said Jesus.

This incident pricked Ravi's conscience, after which he started seeking God. He went to temples and different religious places in search of God. 2009 has brought new life to him, when he got baptized along with his wife Veni in Trichy Church. Thanks for the brothers and sisters in Trichy Church who were continuously persevering with Selvis family through all the tough times they went through. Amudha a single sister also got baptized along with them. Glory be to God.

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