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Tuesday, 24 March 2009 10:16

Hear inspiring stories of what God is doing in the lives of the disciples in India.  Reprinted from the Indian News Network.

The Power Of Repentance

This is the story of Markus, a married man with a daugther. His father was a Government servant, but had wasted his life due to drinking. His father married another woman who never cared for Markus, and his mother also married another man and moved out of the city. Markus was left uncared for and was even deprived of food sometimes. There was a time when he had to beg for food and provide for his father. Eventually Markus got his father's job after he retired. Unfortunately, Markus also followed his fathers example of wasting life by drinking and borrowing huge sums of money.  During this time he got invited by a brother, Dinesh, in a crowded local train. Markus came and started studying the Bible. He repented of all his sins and accepted Jesus as Lord. This has brought great joy in his family. Indeed, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.

Story of a Mumbai Cop

This is the story of John Salve, who works as a cop for the Mumbai police. Though he was invited to Church, he was not very keen on attending. When his younger brother Mangesh Salve became a disciple, John was impacted. But the challenge for John was to give up accepting bribes and not being rude with people. John decided to repent and do the will of God in his life.  In the recent terror attacks in Mumbai, John was also given a duty inside the Taj Hotel. When he went to join the team, he was told not to go in and was put on another duty. However, today John is excited about his new found relationship with God.
Madurai Church Visits Chennai  
February 22nd was a very special Sunday service in Chennai. The young Madurai Church in its entirety paid its first visit to its mother Church, Chennai. There were 10 mission team members who left for Madurai with a passion for the Lord and the lost in June 2008. Today they have grown to 31 in just eight months and still have many friends who are studying the Bible. In all, there were 50 from Madurai.  Some of the Chennai Christians opened their homes to the brothers and sisters for an overnight stay. A brother and the sister who was the first to become a disciple in Madurai shared their faithful testimonies. It was an inspiring day for both the Madurai and Chennai churches. Not only that, on that day there was rejoicing in heaven when Palanikumar and Sangeetha of Madurai got baptized. It is amazing to see a dream becoming a reality and God's word spreading.
Returning To The Lord 
Jayan lives in Changanacherry, Kerala and works at a hotel as a cook. He was baptized at the age of 20. He was happy then because of the friendships in the Church, was active in sharing his faith and bringing many to Christ. Due to many challenges in life, he slowly started drifting away from his faith. Then his life went from bad to worse.  Few months back he got sick and tired of his life and decided to change.  That is when he was invited back to the Church. It was a joy for him to get restored after 10 years. God is indeed ready to restore us and make His face shine upon us, that we may be saved, when we return to the Lord.  

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