For Parents Only: Sex Addiction Therapist Reveals Her Biggest Shock Featured

Written by  Claudine Gallacher -- Covenant Eyes Guest Author Monday, 27 February 2017 11:11

Kindergarten. That’s where Cheryl’s son was first exposed to pornography.

How could this happen? Cheryl [not her real name] had taken every precaution to prevent this. As a certified sex addiction therapist, she had a fierce determination to protect her son from pornography. Her home computer was protected by the best filtering systems, and she was cautious about where her son played. She had even invested thousands of dollars to send her son to a well-respected Christian private school.

covenanteyesBut one day, another kindergarten boy brought a phone from home. In less than a minute, this young boy had introduced her son to porn.

As the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Protect Young Minds, I frequently hear stories like this one. Although many years ago I used to think, “What reasonable parent would want to talk to kids about pornography?” Now I think, “What reasonable parent would not want to prepare their child to cope with this pervasive danger?”

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