Lubbock Christian University to Host Good Enough Parenting Training Featured

Written by  Disciples Today Friday, 11 September 2015 09:21

Louis-Parenting-cvr-LGJohn and Karen Louis, researchers and authors of Good Enough Parenting and ministers in the Central Christian Church, will be collaborating with Lubbock Christian University this fall. 

LCU's Insitute for Strong Families and the Behavioral Science Department has invited the Louis' to give the keynote speech at their Healthy Families Conference on October 29, 2015. The Louis' will also address the entire student body during chapel, as well as a group of ministers, elders and interested parties from the university and community during a dinner.

The following week, the Louis' will conduct a Good Enough Parenting Facilitators' Training for some of their faculty and students, along with anyone from the ICOC who would like to attend. Click here to register >

From now on, anyone trained by the GEP program will receive a certificate issued from LCU.

Good Enough Parenting combines insights from the Scriptures, credible research, and the Louis’ experiences as counselors and parents, with the wisdom of eight elders and their families to provide an inspirational, thorough, practical and well-reasoned guide for parents. This book introduces the Four Plus One Core Emotional Needs and explains why meeting them is absolutely crucial for raising emotionally healthy and spiritually minded children. Order Good Enough Parenting here >

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