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Written by  Kathy Rosario -- All Generations Conference Monday, 31 July 2017 09:54

We are on the cusp of a tremendous shift in our movement.

FamilyConferenceLogo FINAL newFor decades, our churches have focused time, energy, and resources on reaching our teens. We hired youth and family ministers. We engaged volunteers devoted to mentoring and studying the Bible with our high school students. We had teen Bible talks and devotionals. We hosted events, lock-ins, proms, youth camps. We sent our kids on trips both to domestic and international destinations, to serve and connect with those in other churches. We prayed with them, for them, over them.

And God has blessed these efforts! Our teen ministry continues to be a thriving part of our church. The ICOC has countless stories of those who were raised in the church, and are now baptized and serving in leadership.

But amidst all this success, we have to ask….

Is there more that we can do?

Does the window for reaching our kids really begin in high school, or is there a bigger opportunity we’ve been missing? What if we took that same zeal, and widened our focus?

What if we intentionally devoted resources not just to teens, but to whole families? To helping our parents overcome specific obstacles and challenges? To helping those with seemingly impossible situations to connect with others and realize they are not alone? What if our children’s ministries linked arms with the youth and family ministries, and stood together with the common goal of strengthening the next generation in the Lord?

Cradle. To. Campus.

Denver MountainsThis is what’s coming. And it will begin in Denver. This is not just a conference. It’s the start of something much bigger. A new paradigm for our churches. Parents, elders, church leaders, children’s ministry, and youth and family ministry will come together for the first time ever with one voice, one goal: To take the gospel to ALL GENERATIONS.

Nearly 1,000 pioneers have already responded to the call. Elders, evangelists, ministry leaders, parents, grandparents, youth and family workers, children’s ministry workers...they are all gathering in Denver over Labor Day weekend.

We’ve set up a FLASH SALE to help everyone get there! Adults who register on either July 31 or August 1 will get an additional $5 off their registration fee, bringing the price down to just $105 per person. (Enter code FLASH5 in order to get the discount.)

Our Regular Registration period is nearly over. On Monday, August 7, the price will increase to $130 per person. Don’t miss this window. By registering during our flash sale, you’ll potentially save $25 per person compared to registering the following week, after the price increase.

Will you join us?

Click here to register.

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