Service and Love Bears Fruit in Bangalore

Saturday, 24 March 2012 02:51

Glory, her daughters Leena & Esther and her son Prem are disciples in Bangalore Church. In the past, her mother-in-law, Ramakka, strongly resented her as she was from another faith. But as a Christian, Glory made the most of every opportunity to serve and love her mother-in-law over many years.

Sometime back her mother in law Ramakka got paralyzed from hip downwards. As there was no one to look after her, Aunty Glory along with her husband and children moved into Ramakka's house and started serving and caring for her.

In the mean time, some sisters from Ulsoor family group started reaching out and studying the Bible with Ramakka. Initially she resisted and kept on questioning "If there is a God, why he is not healing me?" But the sisters did not give up. They not only studied the Bible with her and answered her questions but also served her out of sincere love. They even bathed  her, washed the dishes and cleaned the house. etc.

Over the period of time Ramakka's faith in Christ grew and finally she accepted Jesus as her Lord on the 11th of March. It was so moving to see how God has granted her repentance and how she had apologised for hurting Glory and how they are able to love each other and embrace each other in the love of Christ. Even though they are going through much financial struggles. Glory's daughter Esther has joined the School of Missions leaving a well paying job.

Please pray for the Christians in India!

In Him,


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