Teacher Rotations

Written by  Mark Edwards, Antelope Valley Tuesday, 07 January 2014 13:22
Teacher Rotations
Mark Edwards

My wife Ronnye and I serve as coordinators in the Antelope Valley Church in Lancaster, CA. We want to

share a blessing God gave our great children’s ministry when Fred and Star Ritzendollar moved here to

lead the church! They introduced a new teacher rotation idea that has been a huge help to our ministry –

a Team Rotation Schedule.

We put together four teams made up of Coordinators, Teachers and Assistants. Additionally, there is one

overall supply person for snacks and crafts and one coordinator couple who oversees the entire process.

Next, we used the curriculum schedule to create a rotation of the volunteer teams. Teams A, B, C and D

each serve one Sunday and one midweek per month. So, if Team A serves on Sunday, they teach that

week’s midweek lesson as well. Depending on the calendar, a team may have to serve a second time in

a month, but it evens out over time.

This has helped our adults be more filled spiritually, feel more attached to their bible talks and be more

involved with their visitors. Also, the children have built more relationships with disciples, rather than

simply the two or three people serving in the traditional three-to-six month rotations.

Of course this will not work in every church because there need to be enough members to serve and be

in service, but we encourage churches with enough members to try this!


We hope this schedule will help our Kingdom Kids become Disciples, and help keep our members faithful

and strong spiritually!

I attached an example the schedule and roster – and we are open to have other ministries to contact us

for more information.

Thank you and God Bless!

Mark Edwards



One thing to point out that the "Schedule never gets bumped if Kingdom Kids is cancelled for any reason. It is to complicated to move.
For example we have the SW Conference this weekend here.
Kingdom Kids is cancelled this Sunday so we can attend the conference. Team B would have served. Team B will serve Wednesday for Midweek.
Next Sunday - Team C serves.

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