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The Mobile Children’s Ministry

Are you running a children’s ministry out of tubs - loading and unloading your car every week? While it may not be ideal, it is what many churches are doing.

We have tried several things over the years, here are ideas we have found helpful:

  •      Organize, organize, organize – it will make it easier for everyone!
  •       Color code the tubs by age group for easy sorting.
  •       Don’t carry more than you have to. Before teaching, spend some time putting all the supplies into oversize zip-lock bags and label them by the lesson number and week. Then pull out the toys that correlate to your current lesson and perhaps a few extra.
  •      Sort the toys into centers: building toys, creative toys, books, puzzles, this way you can pull out exactly what you need to create several centers.
  •       Keep one tub filled with teacher supplies: crayons, scissors, tissues, tape etc. We have used toolboxes on wheels in the past.
  •       Use colored masking tape to mark out centers on the floor instead of carrying around rugs for older children.
  •       Find folding, kid-sized tables and chairs for younger classes (Walmart), rugs and mats for the infant and toddler classes.
  •       Get assistance from others who are not teaching. They can help unload cars and put up signs.
  •       Flatbed carts from Costco can help with transporting multiple tubs.
  •       Ask the facility if you can keep a storage container onsite. For example, one school we met in allowed us to keep ours in the back of the facility next to their supplies.
  •       Leave thank you notes and gift cards for teachers – if you meet at a school. One teacher emptied out a cupboard in her classroom and allowed us to leave some supplies in it.
  •       Remember that your hard work and planning are helping children learn about God and build relationships with him.

Do you have any great tips for a mobile children’s ministry? Email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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