HOPEww Named Pacific Partner by US Navy Featured

Sunday, 11 February 2018 15:49

We are happy to report that HOPE worldwide has been selected as one of a few Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) partners to accompany the United States Navy on their Pacific Partnership mission and the only US NGO Partner for Indonesia phase. Captain N. James Chalker, NC, (US Naval Director of Medical Operations and Planning for the US Naval Ship MERCY) and his team of commanders visited HOPE worldwide to discuss the 2018 Pacific Partnership Mission.

hope ww pacific partnerCreated in response to the 2004 tsunami that devastated parts of Southeast Asia, Pacific Partnership continues to maintain engagements with regional partners in the Pacific Theater to provide humanitarian assistance and readiness for disaster response. Pacific Partnership is designed to strengthen civil-military alliances, improve US and partner capacity to deliver humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and improve security cooperation among partner nations.

The mission has evolved over the years from primarily a direct care mission to an operation focused on enhancing partnerships through host nation subject matter expert and civil-military exchanges. Pacific Partnership also capitalizes on multilateral cooperation and partnerships between government and non-government organizations.

Pacific Partnership 2018 brings together civilian and military personnel from 14 partner nations to exchange knowledge and best practices during seven port visits, improving disaster response preparedness in the Indo-Asia Pacific region. HOPE worldwide has been invited to take part in the Pacific Partnership since 2010. Approximately 50 to 70 HOPE worldwide volunteers will provide the translation between the members of the Pacific Partnership fleet and the community members in Indonesia. We are very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to serving in a great capacity.

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