The Call of Jesus

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The Call of Jesus (All Men)The Call of Jesus (All Men)

Message by Sam Powell  

Throughout the pages of the New Testament, we are given the story of Jesus calling men to follow him - to be His disciples. These “calls” to men are recorded and paint a picture of the varying responses that we can easily relate to today. From such examples as the fishermen of Mark 1, to Peter in Luke 5, to Paul in Acts 9, we see the lives of ordinary men transformed to become truly extraordinary. While not all will heed the call of Jesus, for those who do, God fills them with blessings and purpose beyond measure. This class will explore the amazing call of Jesus to all men to be the leaders God is calling us to be, to have the courage to be transformed, to be holy, to be filled with godly confidence and ultimately to be His faithful, zealous disciples.
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