Ear Buds

by Tuesday, 06 December 2016 21:52

Do You Want To Get Well? Joy, Hope, Stress and the Ministry

Thursday afternoon at the Reach2016, the North American Discipleship Summit, a panel of experienced ministers and counselors hosted a group of men to discuss and provide insights into mental health and wellness with particular concern for church leadership.
by Wednesday, 08 October 2014 15:21

Authentic Manhood

The 2014 International Singles Conference gave a call to elevate your hearts and minds on God above. The climb up a mountain is much like our spiritual journey to perservere and overcome. As you get closer to the top of a mountain, the air gets thinner and thinking becomes cloudy. A guide is a must, if you are going to make it to the top and back down alive. No matter how independent we think we are as men, we need other men to guide us and help us make it to the summit.

Click here > for an audio recording of the message.

Whatever mountain you are preparing to climb, make sure you have the right gear and the right guide.

by Tuesday, 29 July 2014 02:13

Man of God

Fathers Day 2014
Jeff Mannel, Evangelist of the St. Louis Church of Christ

Jeff delivers a message on what it means to be a Man of God
and what he is calling us to be.

Click Here To Listen-Man of God
by Saturday, 25 January 2014 08:09

The Call of Jesus

The Call of Jesus (All Men)

Message by Sam Powell  

Throughout the pages of the New Testament, we are given the story of Jesus calling men to follow him - to be His disciples. These “calls” to men are recorded and paint a picture of the varying responses that we can easily relate to today. From such examples as the fishermen of Mark 1, to Peter in Luke 5, to Paul in Acts 9, we see the lives of ordinary men transformed to become truly extraordinary. While not all will heed the call of Jesus, for those who do, God fills them with blessings and purpose beyond measure. This class will explore the amazing call of Jesus to all men to be the leaders God is calling us to be, to have the courage to be transformed, to be holy, to be filled with godly confidence and ultimately to be His faithful, zealous disciples.
by Tuesday, 21 January 2014 09:56

Joshua: A Mighty Warrior, A Man of Faith

Joshua was a man of great faith. He obeyed God and led Gods people in obedience to God's word
Follow the link to listen to the message
Joshua: A Mighty Warrior
by Wednesday, 20 March 2013 00:33

Pure and Simple Conference

The 2009 Pure & Simple Conference was held in Chicago October 16-18 to equip and strengthen individuals and leaders on the power of living pure lives.  Recordings of most classes are now available.

Below is a list of Classes throughout the weekend.

Click Here To download class recordings to listen.

On Friday

Pure Desperation-Overcoming sexual sin through desperately seeking God 
-Dave Weidner

On Saturday

Pure Openness- Experiencing new realms of freedom through radical openness

-Married –Dave & Robin Weidner
-Single –Tom Nuelle

Pure Relationship- Relating to one another as God intended
-Married –Dave & Robin Weidner
-Single Men –David Bruce 
-Single Women – Carol Nuelle 

Pure Understanding- Growing in understanding of same sex attraction
-Men & Women –GuyHammond

“Pure Hope”- Hope and God’s redemption of sexual sin
-Women – Robin Weidner

Pure Groups- Practical Instruction on how to start and lead recovery groups
-Church Leaders & Group Leaders‐ Tom & Carol Nuelle, & Dave Weidner

Consider it Pure Joy- 
Experiencing Christ‐like transformation through suffering

-David Bruce

Pure Power- Tapping into God’s power for complete victorious living

by Wednesday, 27 February 2013 23:07

Wild At Heart

Scott Sweeney challenges men everywhere to live Wild At Heart as they seek to please God.

You may stream the recording or download it at 

by Tuesday, 15 January 2013 07:06

Anger Recovery Class

Mike Burns teaches a 6 section class on anger recovery. Follow the link to download or stream the audio.