A Tour Through John

Sunday, 25 February 2018 19:42

Every since 2008, we've had a special series designed to propel us into a spiritual new year. These are audio lessons with notes that are designed to be used for personal quiet times. The 2018 series entitled "A Tour Through John" takes a 50-day journey through the book of John as well as 1-3 John. The units average about 20 minutes, just right if you have to go to work early, or want to listen as you commute (each lesson can be downloaded).

johnThe content of what is covered includes:

  • The scripture (every verse)
  • Commentary
  • Structure of John (the seven confessions, seven signs, seven "I Am" Sayings, the Book of Signs, etc)
  • Prayer (based on the day's reading)
  • Memory verses (from John 1-11, and again from 12-21) so we can have them ready on our lips!
  • Ideas for group Bible discussions
  • Optional quiz at end of our study of John 21 to see how well you know the word!

The series will also provide great insight into difficult topics like the Trinity, predestination, OT prophecy, and more. This is a great book, as John continually calls us to think and act on the spiritual channel, not the worldly channel. Even his own disciples often drift into worldly thinking.

Why commit to this?

  • It keeps us focused!
  • It keeps us out of sin!
  • Lets us renew our minds – to gain the mind of Christ (Rom 12:1-2; 1 Cor 2:15)
  • It makes us more evangelistic (Jer 20:7)
  • Because God commands us to meditate on his word daily (Ps 1; Josh 1)

Jumpstart 2018 in a great way, walking with the Lord and letting his word dwell in you (Col 3:16).

To access "A Tour through John" audio lesson series, click here.

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