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Sunday, 18 February 2018 19:05

The Indianapolis Church of Christ recently completed a three-part series entitled "Lessons from Elijah." Each class is approximately 50 minutes with the first two classes containing a downloadable handout.

elijahWhen a life event triggers Elijah's emotions, what was his journey and how did God restore him? "Elijah was a man just like us." --James 5:17

Class one entitled "The Trigger" covers life events that trigger Elijah's emotions. He quickly transitions from a faithful, confident and obedient prophet displaying God's power and truth to a depressed, even suicidal, emotionally troubled soul.

In class two, "The Journey" we see Elijah's attempts to get his heart restored with God. He goes through many of the same struggles we have when we are stuck emotionally such as a lack of urgency and blaming others. And in the final class, "The Healing" we discover how over a six year period, God patiently redefines Elijah's ministry and provides the time and support he needs to confront his fears and get his "fire" back.

A recording of the first class can be seen below.

PowerPoint content and audio recordings for the entire series are available here.

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