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Written by  Freddie & Mhey Santos -- Las Piñas, Philippines Sunday, 11 February 2018 16:13

Young Messenger's Day (YMD) was inspired by the teen ministries in the New York, New Jersey, and New England churches which had their first teen-led congregational worship service in 2010. It was entitled "Now is the Time" and was spearheaded by Phil Arsenault of the Youth and Family Ministry in Boston.

ymd las pinasAt the time, we were leading the teen ministry in Las Piñas. We drew tremendous inspiration from the work these churches had done with their teen ministries. Starting in 2013 we began holding an annual Young Messenger's Day on the first Sunday of December using the format initiated by Phil Arsenault and his team. From giving the 'welcome' message down to giving the announcements, our worship service is led by teens and campus disciples. An added inspiration is that our song leaders are from the preteen and children's ministries, guided by one or two campus disciples together with our resident guitarist.

On December 3, 2017, we held our fifth YMD in Las Piñas. We also entitled this event "Now is the Time." Words can't describe how impacted the entire church and their guests were not only this year, but at every YMD! God is indeed glorified as we witness teens and campus disciples stepping up and leading in praying, sharing, and preaching God's word.

This year, by God's amazing power, the annual YMD culminated with seven teens getting baptized after almost a year of studying the bible. One of these teens was no other than our own daughter, who decided to follow Jesus together with her friends. To date, we now have a total of 18 disciples in the teen ministry – so far with the highest number of teen disciples in our church's history. Thus our ministry was acknowledged as having the most growth since 2015.

ymd baptismsIn 2018 and beyond, the Youth and Family Ministry in Las Piñas is dreaming about the possibility of having two YMDs a year (midyear and annual). We dream of having the mid-year YMD in a bigger venue, perhaps a theatre, designating it "bring your classmate day." We hope to have a congregational event where we can invite the youth ministries from other sectors.

Truly, the youth is the future, not only of our country, but also of God's church. But "Now is the Time" for our young messengers and aspiring leaders to step up and be used by God in powerful ways as they start to inspire and lead others to follow Christ. To God be all the glory!

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