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Saturday, 06 December 2008 18:00
The recent tragic terrorist attacks in Mumbai remind us again of the
world's desperate need for God. Many of the disciples live and work near
the attack sites.

HOPE worldwide also helps the poor near the areas that were attacked. Thankfully none of the disciples was harmed. The leaders of the Mumbai International Church of Christ give an update on how disciples were affected.

One of the disciples, Sunaina knew of a colleague who was shot dead. Sunaina had been coming to our church for the last 7 years. She was baptised into Christ on December 2nd.

Sunaina knew of an office colleague who had gone alongwith his friends to LEOPOLD, an upmarket hang out place. He remembers how the terrorists barged in and asked everyone to kneel down and started shooting one by one. Just when his turn came, the army barged in and he survived but he saw his colleague and the colleague's girlfriend being shot dead.

We also had baptised a Maharastra policeman in November. On that fateful day he had to rush to Colaba to join in the operations at the Oberoi. He remembers how the terrorists were spraying bullets from their sophisticated weapons while our brave men in uniform had outdated World War I guns. Just when John Salve was asked to enter the hotel along with other men, the elite commandoes landed and they took over the operations. John could have been one of the 14 brave policemen who had been shot dead. He wasn't afraid to die, but for the firt time we disciples prayed for our cops as now we had one as our brother-in-christ.

Every one who was caught in this tragedy dead or alive is my brother and sister. This is my city, resilient as ever but angrier and more indignant than ever before. Please pray that we can share the good news of forgiveness and healing to all. Let Our God protect the children and the innocent of my city. I am a proud Mumbaiite and my God has a plan for my city through our church.

In Him,
Mark and Jasmine Pichamuthu
Mumbai Church of Christ

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