The Indian Story - 2 Decades

Sunday, 14 September 2008 04:47

The last week was a great week in India for all of us because we were able to reflect on what God has done in the past two decades in India. Last Sunday (24th August 2008), Bangalore Church celebrated their 20th anniversary []. So we thought of penning down few of the great milestones in Indian movement.

* 1987 Eleven disciples land in Mumbai (Old name: Bombay) from Boston led by Jim & Donna Blough, Greg & Shelley Metten. Mark Periera was the only Indian in the team. They came with the dream of seeing India evangelized. They followed the one suitcase challenge. They had 52 baptisms in the first year.

* 1988 A team of 14 disciples arrive from London to start the Bangalore Church. The team was led by Mark & Nadine and Mohan Nanjundan. Many of today's Indian leaders were baptized during this period. Bangalore had 30 baptisms in two months and 138 by the end of the first year.

* 1989 Mission team was sent to Chennai (Old name : Madras) by Bangalore. The team was led by Mo & Terry Adame. The first year they had around 116 baptisms.

Also Mumbai sent a mission team to New Delhi, which was led by Greg and Shelley Metten. The first year they had around 84 baptisms.

* 1991 India faces the challenge of leadership and many of the today's regional leaders were raised during this time.

* 1992 The work of HOPE begins in India, the first project being the village of HOPE.

* 1994 God raises us to sent mission teams to neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka and Nepal. At the end of the year India had already 12 churches and membership reaching 1600 disciples.

Bangalore Mission Team Chennai Mission Team

* 1995 The nation of Pakistan being reached out.

* 1996 The nation of Bangaladesh being reached out.

* 1997 The South Asian (Indian Subcontinent) membership reaches 3500 with 22 Churches.

We see the first decade of incredible growth and expansion. God blessed us abundantly.

* 1998-2007 The next decade was filled with challenges, trials and pruning times. We had to go through challenges of persecution, lack of full time ministers and stability, infiltration of false brothers, extreme financial constraints and so on. Yet, through all these we see God has been kind to us and has lead us powerfully to this day.

* Today We are around 5000 disciples in 63 churches all around Indian subcontinent. We have 15 states out of 35 having churches. Every region is led by National couples. We also have HOPE projects in most of our states in India.

* Future Goals & Dreams Every state in India having a Church. In every nation in our subcontinent (Bhutan & Maldives) having a Church.

How Can You Be Part Of The Indian Dream:

1. By praying for our nation. [As of now there is only one disciple out of 200,000 population]. Praying for every state to be evangelised. Praying for God to open new doors. Praying for more leaders to be raised up and for more harvesters.

2. By sharing your faith with us through fellowship......
3. By supplying for our needs.

We would not have been able to come this far without the sacrifice and support of many generous disciples all over the world, to whom we are ever grateful.

The glory goes to God.
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