Story of Pratap: New Campus Disciple Featured

Friday, 20 December 2013 11:35
Pratap, a 20-year-old, third-year student from Coimbatore PSG Tech college, is young and dynamic, talented and brilliant student with great character. He was invited by a brother during the Karur mission team training. Since then Pratap was inspired by the disciples' love, fellowship & their sacrificial heart for Christ. He started studying the Bible regularly in spite of his college tight schedule & project works. Within a month he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord. Though he was a student, he showed commitment to God & church without excuses, he is a good servant with sincere love & care, he was very radical & decided to be more evangelistic.

PratapSo, he started inviting all his family members & college friends and bringing new friends to church continuously. He got his brother Prashanth and then his mother Vijaya to accept Jesus as Lord. Now they all trying to reach out to their father. Recently he decided to have Bible talk in his campus, and brought seven new friends to the first Bible talk. He has been regularly bringing people & teaching about Christ to many which have been really an inspiration to the whole church. He has been helping with some of our teens in their school studies & also takes tuition to support his family too. He has got great dreams for the Kingdom. To God be the Glory.

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