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"Por eso, ya no vivan ni se conduzcan como antes, cuando los malos deseos dirigían su manera de vivir. Ustedes deben cambiar completamente su manera de pensar, y ser honestos y santos de verdad, como corresponde a personas que Dios ha vuelto a crear, para ser como él." -- Efesios 4:22-24 (TLA)

Existe la idea de que un soltero cristiano existe para buscar a su pareja en la iglesia, pero la verdad, es que esto nuestra pareja llega como resultado de vivir nuestro propósito en la vida.
El matrimonio en si, no es el propósito de nuestras vidas, sino que es el resultado de vivir el propósito de nuestras vidas.

El propósito de nuestras vidas es mucho mayor que cumplir algún sueño o alcanzar la expectativa de otras personas.


by Tuesday, 21 February 2017 00:00
Is it your goal this year to ‘love your single status’? 
Have you purposed to come alive, to live out the best version of yourself…

Are you ready to celebrate your singlehood?

If “Yes!” is your answer, you’ve probably started asking the next question.

But how? How do you really do this?  Noble and exciting goals always need wings to take flight.

If you are ready for take off, check out “Celebrating Singlehood”, a compelling series presented by the Eastside Singles Ministry of the Seattle Church of Christ.

No doubt the recent US elections evoked mixed emotions and sent reverberations across the globe. 

Nowhere was this most felt than in America's northern neighbor, Canada.

In an article originally published in Relevant Magazine, Stewart Escalona, a single professional disciple in the Toronto Church, Toronto, Canada, shares a spiritual perspective on this historically significant event.

With refreshing clarity, Stewart invites readers to dig deeper and consider the events from an eternal perspective. Stu is a professional writer and rapper. He is also part of the staff of the Toronto Church, where he has worked primarily with the youth and family ministry. His passion is to present the gospel in new and creative ways for people to connect.

Take a read....

Ever had the phrase, "I'm struggling with being single" cross your mind?

Perhaps you've felt that your relationship status on social media is a ding on your value.

ISC Leadership Packet

by Wednesday, 24 September 2014 11:55

Click on the following links to download the ISC Leadership Packet (in three parts):

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I was reminded recently of the father of the demon possessed boy and what Jesus said about his unbelief.   
I’m very grateful to be a single disciple. Next month I celebrate my 21st spiritual birthday, and I have been single the entire time. I love my life in God and would not change a thing.
The life of Sarai (Genesis 11) and Hannah (1 Samuel 1) have many parallels. They both were barren.They both desired a child. They both had to wait to receive what they desired. However, Sarai took matters into her own hands and manipulated the situation by playing God. The results were disastrous for all involved. While, Hannah took her desires to God and waited for Him to fulfill them in His way and timing. Whatever your desire may be for your life, the call is to wait for His response. Father surely knows best!
Become Familiar with the Bible

Reading your Bible goes hand in hand with praying. It’s one of the way’s you get to know God. Also, reading your Bible can help you be open to God’s plan for you. There are many scriptures that convict you on the spot, but the key to a convicting scripture is being open enough to read it and being open enough to letting it convict you. If the Bible is supposed to be “A lamp to your feet and light to your path”, let the Word lead you to God’s plan. The Bible is our daily bread and refreshing water, it’s nearly impossible to live a healthy life without it.

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