Another OYC Wedding! Featured

Friday, 24 March 2017 11:50

This week, we saw another wedding at an OYC site. The story behind the bride and groom coming together should encourage everyone thinking about taking a One Year Challenge. 

Aaron and Annie were both met by someone on a One Year Challenge, or by someone met by someone on a One Year Challenge. Both were reached out to six to seven ago years while still in their campus years. Now, there's a new Christian family at one of our OYC sites, in large part because God worked through the lives of a brother and sister who took the challenge and devoted a part of their lives to helping people on the frontiers of the Christian mission! 

Ben and Jessica (above) went on an OYC over eight years ago. Even after returning home, their OYC sacrifice is still bearing fruit. Jessica studied the Bible with the bride, Annie, when she was a college freshman!

Now it's June's turn! With OYC guys Rocky and Kevin away at a Bible training school this week, June takes the interview chair in this week's OYC Guys video to ask Brian and Dillon their stories. Brian's first OYC call happened so fast he was still in his pajamas!

New content this week on the One Year Challenge blog:

  • Great Images: Buddhism Around the World: Which countries have the world's largest number of Buddhists? Where is Buddhism growing the fastest?
  • What We're Reading Today: This week's featured excerpt for disciples considering the OYC is taken from Sam Laing’s Be Still, My Soul: "I imagined what it would have been like to be Timothy and to receive a letter from the great apostle...The teachings of those letters inspired me and called me to a level of commitment, sacrifice, courage and humility that I had never realized was possible."
  • Monday Music: Songs from OYC Sites around the World: Every week we'll share some music from places where we have OYC sites. This week’s Monday Music is from Norway! 
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