Boston Church Honors Music Ministry Leadership for 150 Years of Combined Service Featured

Tuesday, 23 December 2014 06:31

We are pleased to honor some of our long-time music ministry leadership with lifetime achievement awards.

boston church of christ music ministryThe list of dignitaries includes Joe Galeota, tenured Professor at Berklee, and incredible partner; Dr. Sandra Morales, a world renowned musician and artist who received her Doctorate in Musicology at Harvard University; Carl Alleyne, choreographer to the stars and gifted singer and inspiring leader; James Cafferella, the heart and soul of the Boston music ministry; Cheryl Murphy, a quiet but consistent heroine who works behind the scenes to ensure stability, she humbly and graciously allows others a place in the spotlight, while choosing to work unseen and in secret.

Bryan Pitts, an awesome pianist, engineer, husband, father and soldier in the ranks of our music ministry leadership, has faithfully served 15+ years with a great passion and commitment to see that his region is offered the best in worship week after week, using the tools he has on hand. Mark Messinger, a Berklee graduate, a reluctant leader and brilliant composer and arranger, is another gifted colleague in the ranks of our music ministry leadership that deserves a standing ovation.

And finally, Barry Bushart, who is an incredible servant, has a way about him where he makes very difficult tasks easy. For years, when there is a need, he has been the first on the scene and the last one to leave. He has served in numerous roles over the 30 plus years of service, all without grumbling, complaining or fighting for recognition.

The last two years I have had the privilege of serving in the role of worship director in the Boston Church of Christ has been a very rewarding experience. I was compelled to write an open letter of expressions and gratitude for such extraordinary music ministry leadership in the Boston Church of Christ. These servants are worthy of being honored because of the long-time service to God and his people.

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