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We use the word ‘staff’ loosely, as none are paid for their efforts on the Life-Changing Worship Webpage (hereafter, LCW). They are all volunteers who selflessly give of their time and talents to keep our content fresh and our page up-to-date and easy to navigate.

DaveEastmanDave Eastman (Chicago)
Author, Chief Editor

Dave leads a Ministry Center (i.e., Region) in the Chicago Church of Christ, where he also serves as the Congregation Worship Leader. He is the author of the two books, Life-Changing Worship: Restoring the Spirit of Biblical Praise, and That You May Believe: Reflections on Science and the Miracles of Jesus.He is passionate about worship, and has taught on that subject in churches and workshops throughout the U.S., Mexico, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe. Dave’s wisest decision after becoming a disciple was to marry his gifted and brilliant wife, Kathy, whose hobby is collecting master’s degrees. They have three wonderful kids scattered throughout the southeast U.S.

EdDossEd Doss (Dallas)

Associate Editor

Ed began leading congregational singing in the campus ministry at Arizona State University. He has been involved in public worship from an early stage of his Christian life, singing in a four-part harmony group, performing songs for the churches in Arizona and then in L.A. Beyond his musical talents, he is also gifted in web development, and first introduced the idea of a worship web wage, then built the first Life-Changing Worship website. Currently, he helps to lead worship for a great congregation in Dallas while also serving as the congregational worship service producer. He serves LCW as associate webmaster and editor.

JerryMadayJerry Maday (Worcester, MA)
Author, Content Advisor

Jerry is a degreed composer and has been a student of Christ since 1980 when he was baptized into Christ in Boston. Over the years he has been a part-time professional bassist playing jazz, rock, classical and theater orchestras. As a song leader, parts singer and worship team leader in the Worcester County Church of Christ, his experience has offered him the opportunity to focus on local church worship and hymn writing. Jerry’s journey in the church has called him to hold the scriptures up as the standard for every practice he promotes in group worship. He urges all to be “students of God” and deepen their worship in that personal manner. He has been married 22 years to his wonderful wife Lori, and they have three children.

JenFixJennifer Fix 
Project Manager, Graphics Editor

Jennifer Fix is an Executive Vice President of Marketing for 352 Inc., a digital agency specializing in web design and digital marketing. She graduated from the University of Florida (go Gators!) with dual bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Public Relations. Jennifer lives in Atlanta with her husband, Kyle, and is the eldest daughter of Dave Eastman.

Jaime Turish (Chicago)

Photography, Filming & Video Production

JTurishJaime has had a long, interesting journey in life. A pop star in his native El Salvador, he enjoyed a series of #1 hits in his late teens and 20's. Later he became a sought-after record producer, and played bass and percussion in numerous bands. He currently serves as the executor director for PAI (Proyecto Alabanza), a non-profit organization which promotes worship renewal throughout Latin America. He works tirelessly for LCW in photography, filming, and video production, and continually provides new ideas for the direction and impact of the site.

J. Brian Craig (Los Angeles, CA)

Co-Editor, Songs of the Kingdom

BrianCraigJ. Brian Craig is a minister, songwriter, musician, and artist who loves God and his church. He’s got a beautiful wife and three gorgeous kids he’s crazy about. He is on staff with the LA Church of Christ. He sometimes travels to do conferences, concerts, and church consulting in worship and media. Brian has released six albums of his music. Some of the songs he wrote became popular among the International Churches of Christ, songs like “I Need Your Love,” “Be with Me, Lord,” “Go and Make Disciples” and “Great Among the Nations.” Since then Brian has felt a calling to write catchy, easy-to-learn songs that can help the church connect with God and each other, and his more recent songs have also been well-received songs like “Home in Heaven,” “Lead Me to the Rock,” “The Spirit’s Fire,” “Praise the Lord O My Soul,” and “Rejoice.” The new Songs of the Kingdom songbook has many of his new songs as well as the old favorites.

GFawcettGeoff Fawcett (Seattle, WA)  
Co- Editor, Songs of the Kingdom

Geoff Fawcett is a worship leader and songwriter with an aptitude for computer technology and business management. As Project Manager for the Songs of the Kingdom hymnal, he managed the publication’s legal, financial and logistical aspects and contributed the songs “Hallelujah,” “Be Strong Take Heart” and “O Holy God.” He has strong passion for publishing new worship songs written
by amateur believer-songwriters and has been a driving force behind forming River City Music in order to produce a songbook supplement and online resource. Geoff grew up in a musical family, played bassoon, loves classical and rock music, knows enough music theory to be dangerous, and has a passion for meaningful lyrics. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and two children, where he is employed by a large technology company.

Additional Contributors:
These disciples, from all over the world, have made great contributions to the page, and their outstanding work can be seen in graphics, layout, and on the various pages throughout the site.

Ayo Owodunni, (Lagos, Nigeria): Worship Leader, Author
Carl Alleyne (Boston, Massachusetts) Worship Leader, Author
Carol McGuirk (Paris, France): Worship Leader, Author
Dawn Huffman (Chicago, IL): Graphic Artist
Joshua Lutz (Burlington, Vermont): Worship Leader, Author
Kevin Darby (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida): Worship Leader, Author
Kurt Roskopf (Chicago, Illinois): Webmaster
Lara Jenkins (Chicago, Illinois): Worship Leader, Music Teacher
Malcolm Cox (London, England): Worship Leader, Author
Marcus Johnson (Houston, Texas): Worship Leader, Author
Mark Hoyle (Wichita, Kansas): Worship Leader, Songwriter, Author
Tina Jenkins-Crawley (Chicago, Illinois): Songwriter, Vocal Artist

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