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Written by  North River Church Monday, 11 September 2017 12:54

ALL GENLast weekend, about 20 members and staff from North River attended the All Generations Family Conference in Denver. It was the first conference of its kind with over 1,100 people from our fellowship of churches around the world coming together to teach, learn, plan, connect, dream, and be inspired for the families in our churches. “Cradle to Campus” was one of the main themes of the conference, expressing the vital need to heavily invest in our children at every age, from infancy through high school. It was also emphasized that regardless of anyone’s phase of life, demographic, or marital status, we are ALL part of God’s family. There was a very strong spirit of collaboration and community as each part does its work to help all the others. All those from North River who attended the conference are very inspired and extremely grateful for the opportunity and support to attend.

Here are a few takeaways from some of those who attended: 

“It was incredibly inspiring for me to see how God is helping us as a church family to shift our focus from campus growth into a family focus where our children and grandchildren can also have a thriving, growing home with leadership emphasis. ‘Cradle to Campus’ is my new mantra!” — Melissa Tulloch, Children’s Ministry coordinator

“I want to foster deep spiritual and personal relationships with kids and encourage others (campus, singles, young marrieds, empty nesters, etc.) in our church family to do the same. Everyone needs to be a part of the joy of seeing our own children learn to make Jesus Lord.” — Chele Redmond, Middle School Ministry worker

“I left the conference with such a vision for our next generation. I am incredibly grateful for all of the disciples who are working tirelessly to come up with a plan to deliberately train our kids, as well as us as the parents at all stages of life. I wish we had done this years ago!” — Lin Ottenweller, North River Church staff

“Family is what we are as the church, so all members of God's family should be living out their faith-life within multi-generational family settings. Jesus modeled this, and Paul, as a single man, wrote more on marriage and parenting than any other author in the Bible.” — Michael Kodinsky, Middle School Ministry worker

“The family of God is moving toward modeling a more nuclear family, where people in all phases of life are involved in the family-building concept. It's more beneficial for all groups to be in this type of environment, because it helps to convert our kids and helps people to continue to have purpose in reaching and giving to the next generation, really living out Matthew 28:18-20.” — Tommy Redmond, Middle School Ministry worker

“We need inclusiveness for all our children — both neuro-typical and those with special needs — into God's family. It was amazing to see the amount of resources available and how we can collaborate and help each other build great ministries.” — Vivian Hanes, North River Church staff

“The church provides key relationships that every child needs as they get older, but parents will always be the main influence on their children spiritually. The middle school parenting workshop reminded us that we are all busy, but we must pray to keep our priorities in line with God's as we make Jesus Lord of our homes.” — Sarah Kodinsky, Middle School Ministry workerContingent from NR at YF Conference Denver

“As a minister, I was convicted on my role as an ambassador to parents and teens at a time where it is common for the family dynamic to be disconnected. We need each other, from the youngest to the oldest.” — Adeoye Famodun, Youth & Family Ministry staff

“Frank Kim's ‘A Church for All Generations’ message was powerful and eye opening. Frank challenged the churches to reflect Jesus' heart in their priorities, and no longer give ‘the leftovers’ of thought and energy to children and families. This was incredibly validating! Frank's word for the task of bringing children and families to faith in God was ‘glorious.’  What a glorious message and what a glorious conference!” — Lois Schmitt, Children’s Ministry coordinator

If you are interested in listening to some of the lessons from Denver, the audio files are available here .

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