ICOC Families Conference: 3 Reasons to Register by March 5 Featured

Written by  All Generations Thursday, 16 February 2017 00:00
FamilyConferenceLogo FINAL new The clock is ticking! All of us procrastinate from time to time, but we urge you not to put off registering for All Generations. Here are three compelling reasons parents should register by March 5th:

1. Potential savings of $100:

Take a look at the table below. A family with two adults and two kids would pay only $180, versus $280 in mid-August...that’s 35% off!
 All Families pricing table

2. Kids are FREE...and they get conference swag!

Through March 5th, every adult who registers can also register one child (age 6 and up) for FREE. Kids’ registration includes a conference t-shirt, snack and activity supplies for Saturday and Sunday morning children’s classes. (Children ages 5 and under do not need to be registered for the conference.)

3. Half now, half later:

When you register before March 5th, you have the option to put down half of the adult price ($45 per person) as a deposit and pay the rest in June. This locks in your best price for the conference and gives you a little cushion to automatically pay the rest later.

BONUS: We reward you for being social! Want to shave a little more off your registration? You can get a discount of $2 off an adult registration for sharing on Facebook, and an additional $1 for sharing on Twitter. Registration would be just $87! Claiming this discount is easy; just click the “Share” buttons in the registration each time you register an adult in your family.

Click here to register.

Find out more about the All Families conference.

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