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Written by  Johnny Rivera Wednesday, 18 September 2013 02:01

Pure & Simple V – Wake the Dawn: Power to Overcome

Hello everyone. I just woke up from a long hard nap and I feel ready to express myself to you all for the first time since the conference ended.

First, the whole weekend was AMAZING! There are so many things I could point to and it would only pale to what this time really was (God’s hand, heart and mind at work in the midst of us broken and shattered jars of clay. What an incredible energy, passion and hope that was on display by all of you! I literally felt overwhelmed to the point of numbness and feeling surreal about it.

I don’t think I ever experienced so many people personally thanking me before, during and after the conference. And for many of you it was done multiple times. And for so many things. I know I haven’t even begin to taste all the fruits from this time, so I’m sure I’ll be feeling this for a long time to come. Who am I to receive such a precious gift as the gratitude from those who have been through so much and are still fighting to find the path to overcome such a serious threat to their souls.

I want say in response to all your expressions of thanks to me and my wife a great big YOU ARE WELCOME. Also, it was our great pleasure and honor to serve all of you. Believe me it was well worth the price I had to pay (exhaustion, my battles with worry, all the running around I did, the late nights and early mornings) to simply do my part in serving God and You. It was fun.

I also want to express my thanks to all of you, not only for attending, not only for helping or serving, but for giving your whole hearts. This would not be nearly as much fun for me if it wasn’t for the clear desire for you to seek God in a much deeper and perhaps more scary way. You risked a lot in coming. Many of you fought through intense fear and doubt, perhaps looking at this time as your last chance to save your spiritual lives. That’s why your thank-you’s are so powerful and meaningful to me. It’s all God’s wonderful blessing upon me, and who am I to receive such a blessing.

It would mean a lot to me to hear what things you personally got out of Pure and Simple (a decision, something that stood out to you, how you will move forward from here, etc.)

Also, if I hadn’t personally met you this weekend, I’m sorry. It’s hard, maybe impossible to personally meet 300+ people in 3 days, let alone have a conversation. But thanks just the same for coming.

Finally, I will keep you updated on when the messages will be online and where to find them. Like you I’m very eager to hear the classes again and again. I may have some other surprises.

Here’s a big hug to all of you.

Take care and God bless,

Aaron & Theresa Clark

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