Mighty Men of God VIII: MMOG vs. Rogue Warrior Featured

Written by  Shawn Solis -- Charlotte, NC, USA Wednesday, 26 April 2017 19:19

Early Saturday morning, the brothers suited up as Jedi warriors and took their positions in Camp Walter Johnson to welcome in 28 fathers and 40 sons to Mighty Men of God 8: MMOG vs. Rogue Warrior. These fathers and sons had journeyed from Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro and even as far as Columbia, South Carolina, to embark on this adventure!

As they unloaded their equipment and set up camp, some were eager to relive victories from past Mighty Men of God (MMOG) weekends. Others were excited about their first experience of this annual event that has impacted the hearts and souls of many fathers and sons. No matter who had or had not been there before, all came with a sense that war was on the horizon!

The first part of the day was spent gearing up for battle, full of anticipation of putting those weapons to work and wondering who would be the mightiest. Amidst these preparations, the fathers and sons were challenged with the reality of an even greater battle that no man can avoid: a spiritual battle declared by the rogue forces of Satan. It was a day of building amazing memories and relationships through contests, competitions, ambushes, sharing, laughing, preaching, and teaching.

Two hearty meals were served, as fit for every man, to ensure every father and son was well-fed and fueled for the main events of the evening: the cord-of-three-strands battle, the night battle, and the bonfire! Through unconventional tactics, alliances, and shrewd strategies, unlikely heroes arose in the evening battles. But above all, when the bonfires were later lit under the star-filled sky, fathers and sons arose as mighty men of God through openness, vulnerability, and confession. They laid down their heads that night contemplating God’s higher calling.

On Sunday morning, fathers and sons made their way to the campfire and to cups of hot coffee. After a morning charge, fathers and sons spent time sharing their battles and praying together. Right after a breakfast big enough to satisfy any warrior, the fathers and sons gathered together to hear the word of the Lord preached. While Saturday was a day of building memories, Sunday was a day of breaking barriers guided by the Holy Spirit. 

mmog1The final battles followed where every father and son showcased their abilities to skillfully swing the sword: fathers versus sons, sons versus sons, and fathers versus fathers! Battles became so strategic that fathers used the “I am not left-handed” tactic from The Princess Bride and “sweep the leg” tactic from The Karate Kid. One father went so far as to begin a battle in “the crane” position, which would have made Mr. Miyagi very proud. The events concluded with a ceremony where several sons were awarded based on the spirit of the theme, but most importantly, the fruits of the Spirit they demonstrated during the weekend. It was a time to honor, recognize, and exalt the character and courage of our sons. In a world where battle is used to tear others down, they came to be built up as mighty men of God.

MMOG (Mighty Men Of God) is an annual event for fifth through eighth grade boys, hosted by the Charlotte Church of Christ's middle school ministry. MMOG was created seven years ago by Tim Kirk as an event for ministry leaders to build up young middle school men. Now, it has grown into an annual father/son event with 28 fathers and their sons. Tim is willing to take MMOG on the road to your church if it is within a days drive of Charlotte, North Carolina. You can reach Tim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 704-699-9653.

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