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Saturday, 14 October 2017 21:12

Sunday, October 8th was a great celebration as we saw souls join the family of God in both the missions of Cochabamba and Tarija.

Cochabamba, Bolivia

bolivia baptism 2We witnessed the baptism of Carlos Felipez Greeps. He is married to Mary Esther who is also studying the Bible and together they have two children: Sofía and Gabriel who love to attend Sunday services. The whole family of Carlos could see the glory and power of God through the change of life that Carlos had. His wife is deeply grateful to God and also very anxious to complete her Bible studies and be baptized. Carlos and Mary Esther are happy to create a family that is led by God, where their children can grow by seeing the example and love of a correct marriage in the eyes of God.

Henry met Carlos in June and since then they have been studying the Bible, looking for spaces in his time despite the hard and painstaking work he has and responsibilities as husband and father. The family in Cochabamba continues to grow thanks to our father in heaven.

bolivia restoreLina Arciénega is the mother of our beloved sisters Nicole and Camila Cosulich. On Sunday, October 8 there was a party in the heavens. Lina, after completing her studies of restoration, decided to restore herself and return to God's home. She was a very helpful and diligent disciple long ago, but at a certain stage of her life she was consumed by work life and family problems that distanced her from God and the church. God never forgot her, and he always waited for her with open arms.

Lina was able to share with the whole church her immense joy and excitement as she returned to the family of God. Lina and the whole church of Cochabamba are very grateful to God for his great works in Cochabamba.

Tarija, Bolivia

In the beautiful city of Tarija there was also a celebration with Joel Fernández Flores coming to baptism. Joel is the son of Carlos and Paola Garcia who were baptized at the end of last year and early this year. Since seeing his parents making this decision to be disciples of Christ and watching their changes, he then decided that he also wanted to change and be a disciple. This has brought much encouragement to the Garcia family and the whole church of Tarija, where we can see that God is faithful and his promises are trustworthy.bolivia baptism

Roberto Diaz Nieto was also baptized that same day with Joel. It is very encouraging to see a man like him to be constant and decisive to live as a disciple of Jesus. We believe that his focus and determination have made this day a great celebration not only for the mission field in Bolivia, but for heaven itself. We are glad to see how God continues to bring more souls willing to follow his son Jesus Christ and live a different life for this generation. Glory, honor and fame is to our Lord!

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