A Reflection in Harvard Yard

Thursday, 13 October 2016 00:00

catherine and alexis shumpThis was a such a surreal and faith-building moment for me as I sat in the courtyard outside Mather House at Harvard University this summer. Over 30 years ago, my mom (Catherine Cattan Shump) was a student at Harvard University.

She was in a dark place emotionally and was searching for a relationship with God. At the age of 16, my mom lost her mom to cancer. This loss created a hole in my mom’s heart and she was filling it with many things that were worldly and unfulfilling. It was in this quad that someone had the courage to invite her out to a Bible discussion in her dorm and her life was changed for eternity.

It was overwhelming to visit this spot and to think about my mom's incredible story: how she studied the Bible and became a disciple of Jesus, then met my dad in the campus ministry in Boston and that ultimately I am here today simply because someone at Harvard was bold enough to share their faith with my mom.

alexis shump harvard yardThis wonderful life I get to live is a result of God's unshakable plan (Acts 17:26-27). I am so grateful to have been given this special reminder of how powerful God's timing is in our lives and to never stop sharing my faith!

Alexis is currently in a Master's degree program at Virginia Tech University. Catherine is the Director of Development for HOPE worldwide. Mark Shump serves as an elder in the Westside Church region of the Los Angeles International Church of Christ.

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