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Written by  ICMC Planning Committees Saturday, 23 March 2013 06:32

Registration for the 2013 ICMC East and West Coast conferences is now open! Get excited for two incredible conferences this year, based on the theme, “Bent on Conquest.” From July 4-7, thousands of disciples will gather in sunny San Diego, California and Orlando, Florida to learn about Jesus’ example as a conqueror and how to carry out his mission on college campuses around the country.

 ICMC East:

The 2013 International Campus Ministry Conference for the East Coast will be held on July 4-7 in Orlando, Florida! “The City Beautiful” will welcome you warmly as you spend an amazing time with about 1500 campus disciples from all over the east coast of the US! “Be our guest” as you hear inspiring messages and worship together focusing on this year’s theme: Bent on Conquest! We will all learn together how to fight wholeheartedly for the spiritual victory of our Lord--for our souls and the souls of those around us! We will also be meeting alongside all of our Florida and Louisiana brothers and sisters as the Florida Discipleship Conference assembles simultaneously! We will all be together for our Sunday worship service, so you are bound to be inspired!

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ICMC West:

This year's theme is Bent on Conquest! We take this theme from Revelation 6:2, where we see Jesus coming from heaven to Judge the world and bring his people home. He comes "as a conqueror bent on Conquest!" As disciples of Jesus we recognize that we must set out with the same heart and attitude to spread the gospel and advance God's kingdom, while there is still time. With our Bibles in hand, Zeal in our hearts, and our eyes fixed on Jesus, we march forward. Today we begin on the Campus' of America, where the nations have already been gathered. Tomorrow we launch out to all the nations and the world! With this pure and simple faith, compelled by Love, and in the power of the spirit, we the students of the International Churches of Christ set out to take the world for Jesus. We are bent on Conquest!

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