Join Daily Prayer Devotionals in January Featured

Thursday, 28 December 2017 10:57

lightstock 143473 small user 270533How can you make a difference in the world in 2018? By going to the source of all power, light and love. Join disciples around the world in January as we devote ourselves to prayer and action.

To help us unite together, on Monday, January 1, Disciples Today begins publishing a daily devotional on prayer from 31 Days of Prayer by Daniel Berk, a young author from the Chicago Church of Christ. We will also share sermons, book recommendations, and other quiet time material to help strengthen your prayer life.

Below is an excerpt from the introduction to 31 Days of Prayer to begin the series. And stay tuned for an exciting announcement about connecting with others in global prayer in 2018! 

The goal of the series is to provide a platform for people young and old alike, whether spiritually mature or barely crawling in Christ, to ignite their flame inside for prayer, and the all-consuming power prayer has in our lives through God...Every single day has a scripture about prayer along with a small devotional. These two parts are then followed by the absolute most vitally important part of this entire book. No amount of reading, studying, learning, or the like can truly change your prayer life. The only thing that can improve your prayer life is praying, and every daily challenge includes a prompt for prayer. These prompts are created to help you get started with a specific topic or idea in your prayer for that day, but the hope is that you will also be learning throughout this book to pray consistently through the things that are important to God.

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