Know Your Bible? Take a Quiz!

Monday, 05 March 2018 17:30

douglas jacobyHow well do you know the Scriptures? Here is a great opportunities to find out. As the apostle Paul said, "Test yourselves" (2 Cor 13:5). Now I know I'm taking it out of context. He wasn't referring to Bible knowledge, but to an obedient walk with the Lord. Not to say there isn't a connection between the two.

​Today's quiz is for Bible readers, especially those who have been reading the Bible for a year or more. If you are not a believer, or have never read the Bible, you might still have a go. Have fun!

Basic Old Testament

  1. Approximately what portion of the Bible is the OT? 25% 50% 75% 90%
  2. Who was Aaron's younger brother?
  3. Which book contains works that are both songs and prayers?
  4. How many books of Kings are there?
  5. Place the following in chronological order: Isaac Jacob Abraham Cain Joseph
  6. Which book comes after Jeremiah?
  7. Approximately how many years ago did David live? 5000 4000 3000 2000
  8. How many books are there in the Minor Prophets?
  9. How many chapters are there in Proverbs?
  10. The Old Testament was the Bible of the early church: True or False?
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Answers: 1. 75%. 2. Moses. 3. Psalms. 4. Two (in Orthodox Bibles, 1-2 Sam are called 1-2 Kings, and 1-2 Ki are 3-4 Kings). 5. Cain-Abraham-Isaac-Jacob-Joseph. 6. Lamentations. 7. Three thousand. 8. Twelve. 9. Thirty-one. 10. True. It took time for the NT books to be written, copied, & disseminated. Grading scale: 9-10—Great; 7-8—Good; 5-6—Fair; 3-4—Poor; 1-2—Minimal

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