Hero in the Faith Goes to the Lord Featured

Wednesday, 15 November 2017 08:39

odile meviyeOur beloved sister in the Lord, Odile Meviye, peacefully passed away Saturday, November 4th after a long battle with cancer.

Originally from Gabon, Odile was living and working in Paris when she met the church in 1988. Just about a year later, she accepted the call to leave with her three-year old son and be part of the mission team to Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, even though this meant giving up the 'European Dream' held by many ambitious young Africans. Odile had total confidence that the Lord would provide for her and her son.

From the beginning, Odile held many roles of leadership, and for one year lead the women's ministry in Abidjan becoming the first woman of French African origin to do so. Later, Odile left with her still young son to be part of the mission planting in Douala, Cameroon in 1994. After her son's return to France, Odile never lost her heart for the ministry and led the women in Libreville, Gabon in 1997 and Pointe-Noire in Congo Brazzaville in 2003.

Affectionately known by all as Mamie Odile because of her practical character, profound wisdom and her very hard working example. Her life and ministry impacted hundreds of disciples. A very quiet and modest woman, she yet always had an indelible impact on those who spent time with her. She has left a legacy of everyday faith and righteousness.

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