This video was made for the Southwest Teen Winter Camp 2015.

It was written, produced, directed and edited by Haley Schultz, teen worker in the San Diego Church of Christ.

Everyone has a door, but not everyone has the key. Check out the trailer that the Orlando Church of Christ put together to promote the Florida Teen Camp this summer.

Click and watch full-screen to see what was shot in 4k.

Check out this encouraging video highlighting the 2014 Northeast Teen-Led Conference called "Create In Me."

Here is the highlights video from this year's Northeast Teen Camp titled "Unprecedented," which ran from August 17 -24, 2014 in Camp Laurel, Maine. For more pictures and videos, visit the Northeast Teen Camp Facebook page >

Nearly 200 teens from Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Louisville KY, and Lexington KY came together for a Teen Rally. There were 30 visitors with us for a fun, memorable and life changing weekend entitled "The Walking Dead."
This film was recently featured at the Florida teen camp near Orlando, Florida. It's a sequel to last year's "Not a Game." This year's "Catch the Fire" is a parable about trusting the Holy Spirit. It made a great impact here in Florida, and hopefully other Youth and Family ministries can use it, too!

CATCH THE FIRE movie from David Mattox on Vimeo.

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