How do I Build My Y&F Ministry in 2015? Featured

Written by  Mike Block Friday, 13 February 2015 16:34

1) Understand the 10 Characteristics of a Healthy Youth & Family Ministry

Every Youth & Family ministry should strive to have all 10 Characteristics of a Healthy Youth & Family Ministry, but how these look in each ministry will be different. Every church is unique and so should every Youth & Family ministry, but these 10 core characteristics will help you to see the goal of what you are trying to build.

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2) Evaluate your Ministry

We recommend that you set up a meeting with your evangelist, elders, and some of the key parents in your church to evaluate how well your ministry is doing at achieving the 10 Characteristics of a Healthy Youth & Family Ministry.  

We recommend that the teen leader serves as the facilitator and recorder only. You can facilitate the meeting by reading each characteristic and asking the following two questions: How are we doing a good job with this characteristic? How do we need to improve in doing this characteristic?

Record the answers. Let the parents and the elder make the observations.  This will help them to clearly see the needs of your church's Youth & Family ministry.

3) Choose Two Characteristics to Work On

After your group has evaluated your ministry against the 10 characteristics, ask the group what do you think are the two most important characteristics for us to focus on this year? Get a consensus from the group on the top two characteristics.

Close out the meeting by discussing some practical suggestions on how your ministry can work on these two characteristics in 2015.

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