HOPE for Kids Performing Arts Camp Featured

Written by  Bruce Nussbaum -- New Jersey, USA Thursday, 22 March 2018 22:02
We are excited to announce our fifth year of the HOPE for Kids Performing Arts Camp! This is an amazing opportunity to learn from many professional artists who are disciples working in the entertainment industry.

HOPE for Kids Performing Arts Camp is a Christian camp intended to develop the talent and heart of the artist. Our mission is to develop the artistic talents of our children and to give them a spiritual mindset of the performing arts. We strive to provide spiritual role models and mentors for our kids, while helping them develop life and leadership skills.

This camp is being offered by Camp HOPE for Kids. I, along with my wife Linda, will be directing the camp. We have worked with the Youth and Family ministry in the New York City Church for over 20 years. The instructors are professional artists who are disciples from the New York City and Philadelphia churches as well as many other cities. Many are from the cast of the Upside Down production.

This year features amazing instructors and tracks to include:
  • Dance - Paul Sadler, Brandon Moye, Zalika Warren
  • Screenwriting - Shari Simpson Cabelin
  • Musical Theater - Chase & Sara Mackintosh, Lisa Lamothe
  • Acting - Elizabeth Brewster, Gina Stickley
  • Songwriting & Recording - Eliott Wilson, Paulette Spradelin, Marc Persing
  • Fine Art & Photography - Daryl Jones
  • Film & Television - Karla & Curtis Braithwaite, Susannah McCarthy
Visit our website to register by clicking here or follow us on Facebook.
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