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Against All Odds

Tuesday, 11 December 2012 16:44

The entire city of Mumbai was shut for the funeral of a political leader. Not a shop was open. There were no cabs or autorickshaws on the streets. The only things working were the trains and a few buses. The police asked people not to step out unless it was an emergency. There was an eerie silence and calm as we drove to church wondering how many will be able to make it.

The guard at the meeting place asked us to park against a wall out of sight from the main gate. He said no one should know that we are having a service and requested that we move quickly and not fellowship downstairs. There would be no sound system as there was no way it could be transported.

In spite of all this, the East Sector had a victory. The disciples came to church. Many of them walked with their children. Some of them walked for 45 minutes to an hour. All of them came in smiling, excited, tired but joyful. They came with their new friends. Manju Aunty is studying the Bible. She's in her 70s and has cancer. Manju Aunty walked for an hour to get to church and got her daughter Meena to come with her. Meena has now decided to study the bible.

Ramesh had a kidney operation last month. He, his wife Usha and their 8 year old son walked for almost half an hour to get to church. There were many others like Jackline, Samson, Asha, Hridayraj who also did not let a lack of conveyance deter them from coming to church even if it meant walking for an hour. Needless to say they also had to make the journey back on foot. To God be the glory!


AIYCC 2012 Highlights from iccindia on GodTube.



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