Anjali's Story - New Delhi, India

Saturday, 10 May 2008 06:37
“but she, out of her poverty, put in everything-all she had to live on.” Mark 12:44b
Anjali is a young 16 year old who lives with her aunty Rosemary and brother Francis in Munirka, one of the busiest localities of New Delhi.
She became a Christian in May, 2007. Sadly just a few months later, Anjali lost her mother Meena David, who after struggling with health complications for a very long time died of asthma that summer. With her brother as the sole bread winner, the family had very hard times financially. But Anjali was very faithful to the church. She was there the Sunday after her mother died, and she shared at the teen meeting the following week, “I feel so much at home in the church, so many brothers and sisters here who really love me and comfort me.” But it was very difficult for Anjali to spare money to give for her contribution.
But recently, this young Christian, feeling that she needed to give to God started asking around for small chores or odd jobs she could do to earn money. The hearts of the Christians were touched and they began to give her clothes to mend, on which she would work on for long hours after finishing her school and homework. A modern-day Tabitha, Anjali is an inspiration to everyone who knows her.
On 30th of March 2008, Anjali gave twenty rupees ($0.50) half of her hard-earned income, as a contribution to God. She is a touching inspiration to the New Delhi church. The Delhi church is very grateful to the Pennsylvania churches, especially Philadelphia, for their ongoing giving to the work here and all over North India, East India, and the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Bangladesh. posted by Jerry Maday
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