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India: 33 Visitors to Bible Talk & Response to WDS

Friday, 13 July 2012 02:31

Newsletter Updates from the Indian News Network:

All the Family Groups (House Churches) in the Bangalore Church are having Invitation Bible Talks this month. The Udaya Nagar Family Group of K.R.Puram Region led by Prabhu & Celine had a great Bible talk after much prayer, fasting & evangelism.

On the 28th of June and God brought 33 visitors and many of them are interested in studying the Bible.

World Discipleship Summit

It was such an honour & blessing for those who attended the World Discipleship Summit in San Antonio. 17,800 Disciples from all over the world came together to worship God and learn and share with each other. Each one went back inspired to see what God is doing around the world and how God has unified all the Churches, brought the leadership and disciples to such maturity and vision for future. The worship teams from around the world lifted up the spirit of all participants as we sang together and with tears worshipped the living God who brought all of us out of our sinfulness to be such a great congregation of saints for the Lord.

The Lessons and sharing touched the heart of all and called us higher to have greater vision for the lost world, our spiritual growth, for our families and all the ministries in the Churches.

There were so many disciples who drove their cars for even upto 30 hours from different places with their families. Many singles also did the same. It was touching to see so many people of different age groups on wheel chair. Though they have difficulties in moving around, they had no excuse but eagerly came travelling from different parts of the world.

It was amazing to see how the brothers and sisters who are deaf singing with the congregation in sign language! The theme of the conference was 'On the Mountain of The Lord' and truly it was a mountain top experience!

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Editor's Note: The churches in India had 30 members in attendance at the Summit in San Antonio. They were an inspiration to all as they sacrificed much to be there. India has 5,500 disciples serving to glorify God in their land. Pray for them as they pray for God's kingdom everywhere as well.

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