Bidar, India - Good News in Southeast Asia

Saturday, 16 February 2008 01:43

The work in Bidar has borne fruit to God's glory with the hard work, humility and sacrifice of faithful disciples in India

Bidar is a backward district of Karntataka state of India. Most people are small scale farmers and farm workers. Due to price reduction of sugar cane, which is the major farm product, many farmers were unable to pay back the loans taken from banks and money lenders. Because of this, more than 50 farmers committed suicide in the last harvest season.
With much prayer and fasting, a small team of 8 people was sent on 8th April 07 from Bangalore to Bidar.
These are the 8 people who went: Philip, Moses, Yesudas and Pramila from Hyderabad Church and Appanna, Durga, Yeshodha and Sukanya from Bangalore Church.
There was a time we were wondering who will lead the team. We kept fasting and praying for God to provide the right leaders. Amazingly we found a single brother Philip in Hyderabad whose parents migrated from Bidar. Ever since he became a disciple, he had a dream to start the Church in Bidar. So we approached him and found out that he had great desire and willingness to go on the mission team irrespective of the fact that he was the main earning member who supported a big family.
He was very insecure to lead because he had never lead even a family group. Brother Raghu who leads the Church in Hyderabad took the initiative to take him into part time ministry and train him in a short time. Philip relied on the Holy Spirit and gained the confidence to lead the team. With amazing humility, he kept taking advice at every step and with much prayer he lead the team along with Pramila who is also from Hyderabad Church.
Pramila, a single sister was being trained as a fulltime worker on two year contract basis in Hyderabad. She lost her father some time back and was taking care of her mother. It was very difficult for her to ask her mother to stay alone and allow her to go on the mission team. But with much prayer, she set out for co-leading the mission team.
Both Philip and Pramila did a great job spiritually leading the team to have a great victory though they constantly faced much trials and persecutions and challenges. They are heroes in the faith.
Any one who dares to study the Bible or attend our church, is faced with persecution. They are disfellowshipped from their own groups, isolated from social functions, and no one talks to them. Some are beaten up, and they are even prevented from drawing water from the village well. And when they are old they will not be allowed to bury their dead in the village burial ground.
In Bidar it is a big challenge for anyone to get baptized. Yet by God’s grace, from April to December 07, these 8 heroes of faith were able to baptize 20 people. Led by Philip and Pramila they are a light to all the churches in South Asia.
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