2007 A Year to be Remembered in Bangalore

Wednesday, 30 January 2008 18:00

It was a great year in Bangalore 2007, it was great to see 120 souls added to God's kingdom compared to 98 in 2006.

We saw14 marriages happening compared 5 to in 2006. We started the year with an All night prayer and then we had a revival meeting led by Ed Anton . It was great to see 68 of our Teens and 73 Pre-teens have a chance to learn from the camp. We had 35 teens baptized last year. 70% of our family groups had souls added in their group. We are very encouraged by what God has done in Vinayak Nagar group where they saw 12 souls added in 2007.

We also saw the joy of sending out the mission team Bidar and God worked there and added 21 souls there. We are proud of the satellite churches and the leadership there and especially want to commend the Bellary church that had 9 souls added and the Hubli church that saved 11 souls.

Brigade Road is one of the commercial centers of BangaloreIn the month of November it was great to be part of the leadership retreat and it was great that we could renew our commitment to serve God and the saints in our group.

Financially it was a great year where we saw the no of contributors grow from 67% to 77%. We are praying that it will grow even more this year. Also we could organize the Christmas carnival where we had an opportunity to raise money from the world for the satellite churches. Our goal was to raise Rs.600000/- but God worked and we were able to raise Rs.700000/-!
Pray that God will do greater things in the churches here in 2008.
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