Delhi Church Celebrates Christmas with 1200 and Plants Four Churches

Friday, 11 January 2008 08:24

Panipat Santa and helpers As is our custom, we had an invitation service on Christmas day, and 540 disciples had a total of over 1200 people at church in two services that day.

Christmas is a time of celebration for Christians around the world, and it is no different for the saints in New Delhi.

Baptism in Panipat, IndiaThe people here are hungry for the word of God, and they heard about the gifts that Jesus gives us. The work in Delhi and in North and East India and neighbouring countries is led by Albert and Rita Shane. It is largely supported by the Pennsylvania churches, especially Philadelphia ( That church is led by James and Kim Campbell working with the Elders including John and Eve Gaines, Walter and Kim Evans, and Randy and Jan Jordan, who have kindly and generously stood by us for many years. For this we are very grateful.

In the last two years the disciples from Delhi have been used by God to start four new congregations in north India. These are just some of the 98 new congregations planted around the world.

These congregations are in Panipat, Haryana; Bhubaneshwar, Orissa; Nainital, Uttar Pradesh; and Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. These are all places that really need Jesus--the state of Uttar Pradesh has a population of over 180 million people, about 60% the size of the United States, with very few who believe in Christ. But our story today is about the new Panipat church of Christ, born miraculously by the grace of God. (Photo: Baptism in Panipat as the saints rejoice)

Panipat Christmas giftsPanipat city is about 63 miles from New Delhi. It is on the highway on the way to the north, and as we go we can see green fields across the roads. Even though Panipat is becoming a big city, our God is reaching out to the lost souls. It started with the restoration of Anu. She was a disciple around twelve years ago. She served in the ministry for a short while, but due to family pressure she lost her faith. She left the church and settled in Panipat, unaware of what God had in store for her.

As the years passed, with much pain and remorse she remembered the fellowship and love extended to her by God. She started to talk about the Church to her non-Christian husband and two more families in her village. In 2005 she visited few disciples in Delhi and expressed her desire to come back to the church. She got restored on December 5th, 2005.

Taj MahalIn the following months her two village friends Nadia & Beth also studied the Bible with her and the Delhi sisters and got baptized. There husbands were not happy initially. But the saints were gracious and never stopped reaching out to them. Beth’s husband Kevin studied the bible, and he was baptized in September 2006. He invited his old friend Stuart to the Church. Stuart became a disciple in 2006. Seeing what God is doing in their lives Anu’s husband Abner and Nadia’s husband Victor studied the Bible, and in April 2007 Abner and Victor became disciples.

God has done amazing things with “ordinary” people in Panipat. God listened to the prayers and the church's charitable arm started its program in Panipat to help poor families with a four awesome disciples willing to move to a new city. Besides helping children go to school (instead of serving as child laborers) and giving job skills to young people, in their spare time, like all Christians, they worship the Lord. Under Jude & Manisha’s leadership, with the help of Bansi & Johnson in the very first month Subhash became a disciple. In just few years God has added in the numbers incredible men & women of God who are dreaming and praying to see Haryana evangelized. There are now 12 disciples in Panipat just 25 months after the first one, Anu, was restored to Jesus. (Some names changed to respect privacy).

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Delhi, India


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