My Husband Went to Jail

Thursday, 06 December 2007 04:44

Recently a few brothers from the Bangalore church were arrested while sharing their faith. One of them is an evangelist who is married with two children. I happened to be in Bangalore during that time since we were having a leadership meeting. We were staying in a guest house which happens to be next door to this brother’s house. I decided to pay his wife a visit, wondering how she was coping.

She didn’t know I was coming and when I entered the house I saw a group of joyful sisters and kids running around, just like on any normal ministry day. Beena came to the door with a huge smile on her face. She is always a very calm person and her demeanor was no different that day. She wanted me to come in and have a meal with her. I could only spend a few moments but what struck me was the joy in that home, even though the Dad was in jail and the outcome was quite uncertain at that point.
Fortunately the brothers were released the next day. After my return to Delhi I called Beena and asked her how she was after the challenging few days she spent without her husband. She said as the days went by she started getting worried but she knew God was in control and there was a bigger purpose for all this.
I am always so inspired and convicted by the lives of the Indian women. They take challenges in their stride in a way that still astounds me after all these years. They have a resilience that reminds me of the women of the Bible. They don’t seek for comfort; they welcome the hurdles and smile their way through the most traumatic events.

Shaijus & Beena Philip family Yes, they do struggle but they are strong inside. Indian women are beautiful and very feminine on the outside but they are made of steel inside and there is much I can learn from them. They are my heroes. My life has been changed by living in their midst for most of the last twenty years and I am so grateful for their influence!

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