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Abrokwahs DTMy name is Damali Abrokwah.  I serve alongside my husband, Michael as part of the staff of the Toronto Church, in the beautiful city of Toronto, Ontario in Canada. We are thrilled to come on board as the new editors of the Singles page on Disciples Today.  

In this role we continue the formidable work done by Adam and Bethany Smith, Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader in Dallas, Texas, to bring stories of amazing adventures singles are living all over the world.

Mike and I have been disciples for over 20 years. We are blessed to raise three super heroes with powers that change every couple of weeks!  

No doubt one of the highlights of our journey has been the joy of working alongside the single professional ministry in Toronto for the past 15 years. The over 200-strong singles ministry in Toronto boasts a striking diversity that mirrors the city in which we live. Did you know that Toronto was voted ‘the most diverse city in the world’ in 2014?

This unique quality of the Toronto singles has opened our world to a host of talented and mature singles living out their faith in inspiring ways. We hope to share these experiences with you on this page.

We’ve also been privileged to be part of the Ottawa and Montreal Churches in Canada, which experience we believe has richly blessed our lives and broadened our perspective and friendships. 

There’s much more to share but we’ll have the opportunity to do that in the coming months.

But enough about us, what about you? We, along with other singles all over the world, want to know about YOU and the cool way God is working in your life! What great and small adventures are you living in your part of the globe? We would love to know.

We invite you to send us your stories, adventures, devotionals and much more at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Can’t wait!

Watch our brief video introduction here:

Michael and Damali- DT Singles blog editors from Aperture Lane on Vimeo.

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