United in Christ

Friday, 26 January 2018 00:07

Editor's note: The following is shared from the North River Church of Christ newsletter.

Every new birth in Christ is, of course, exciting. We, along with angels in heaven, rejoice! The North River Church family was grateful that God's grace allowed 113 more souls to enter his family through our outreach in 2017.

There were many who were not the first in their families to be ushered into God's kingdom. Below is just a sampling of those who were united in Christ with their sibling, spouse or child.

nrcoc four sets of siblingsFour sets of siblings! Muna Iwotor saw her brother, Ike, come into God's fold; Camille Anjilivelil witnessed the same with her brother, Aaron; Meghan Jones was united with her brother Ryan, and Emily Alesch followed in the footsteps of her brother, Matt, to become a child of God. They were all in attendance at the campus retreat in October.

Mandy Sanders had her prayers answered when husband, Evan, joined her in making Jesus Lord in April.

Ron Stamper, along with his wife, Debbie, saw their youngest child, Harrison, in the saving waters of baptism in October.

Lauren joined family members Taylor and Marilisa Schachinger, Ron and Melanie Cicerchia, and sister Liz, when she was baptized into Christ in May.

nrcoc chasonsHusband and wife, Yoxanna and Ronny Chason, were both united in Christ on October 8!

Matthew Encarnacion joined Veronica, Alex and Norman when he put Christ on in baptism in May.

Ray Levy, baptized in September, saw his wife, Antoinette, join God's kingdom in November.

Jasmine Jackson was baptized last January. Her sister, Tayshia Ingram, was baptized five years ago into the EDGE Ministry. Tayshia married Jonathan Ingram in 2014. 

To God be the Glory! Great things he has done.

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